Staff List

Name Position Voice Mail Email Address
Katie Mauro Principal 303-982-2792 [email protected]
Desiree Mericle Assistant Principal 303-982-6399 [email protected]
Alex Espinoza Social Worker 303-982-3224 [email protected]
Jessica Hernandez Restorative Practices Liaison 303-982-2118
[email protected]
Ann Hull Instructional Coach 303-982-2137 [email protected]
NellyDe Casas Health Aide 303-982-  
Alma Hernandez Principal Secretary 303-982-2175 [email protected]
Anita Deleon
Family and
Community Liaison303-982-7106 
[email protected]
Walters Miriam 21st Century Coordinator 303-982-1895
[email protected]
Maeve Klusmire Preschool 303-982-3250 [email protected]
Melissa Ellis Preschool 303-982-5356 [email protected]
Ashley Gangi Kindergarden   [email protected]
Telissa Roemer (Ms. I--Ishida) Kindergarden 303-982-1862 [email protected]
Emily Cowles 1st Grade 303-982-1654 [email protected]
Sarah Griffith 1st Grade 303-982-2161 [email protected]
Jaco Olivier 2nd Grade 303-982-2062 [email protected]
Gutierrez, Tawni 2nd Grade 303-982-5983 [email protected]
Bockenstedt, Maggie (Ms. B) 3rd Grade 303-982-2138 [email protected]
Mark Gann 4th Grade 303-982-2140 [email protected]
Coley Clarke 4th Grade 303-982-2133 [email protected]
Natasha Nikodym 5th Grade 303-982-2199 [email protected]
Amanda Ophaug 5th Grade 303-982-2154 [email protected]
Gifted and Talented
Kristan (Ms. E) Eisenschenk K-2 STEAM 303-982-2156 [email protected]
Duncan Dotterrer 3-5 STEAM 303-982-2151 [email protected]
Casey Gardner GT Counselor 303-982-1040 [email protected]
Jennifer Mulhern GT Resource 303-982-9833 [email protected]
Kristina McCombie K-2 ASD 303-982-1612 [email protected]
Jerry Roark 3-5 ASD 303-982-6009 [email protected]
McColl Griffin Learning Specialist 303-982-2112 [email protected]
Tracy Sanner SEL 303-982-1872 [email protected]
Luke Herold SLP 303-982-2064 [email protected]
Christina Martin ESL 303-982-1130 [email protected]
Liz Hicks Guest Teacher 303-982-6070 [email protected]
JCMH School Based Therapist
Kat Wickman 303-982-2131 [email protected]
Kaylin Kastle  [email protected]
Instrumental Music Teachers
Sue Arpp ASD Para
Morgan Hillam STEAM Para [email protected]
Jessica Lopez PK Para [email protected]
Inoel Melgar ASD Para [email protected]
Shaun Montoya ASD Para [email protected]
Amanda Moreno ASD Para [email protected]
Lacey Rogers ASD Para [email protected]
Rosalie Shade ASD Para [email protected]
Kandra Steininger ASD Para [email protected]
Cyemonja Warner PK Para [email protected]
Nani Yant PK Para [email protected]
Building Engineers
Hernandez Samuel Facility Manager 303-982-2822 [email protected]
Kennedy Geraldine Head Custodian [email protected]
Cafeteria Staff
Reading Partners
Hernandez Natalie Coodinator
District RN
Lindsay Patton
Area Nurse
720-618-8799 [email protected]

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